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Site Features Update! PDF Print E-mail
Written by Justin West   
Thursday, 01 February 2007

We have added a few new features to the site in the last couple of days. We added a GeoMap feature which uses Google Maps to show us approximately where you are from! Also, we have created a 'Members Only' section. Even if you register, you will not have access to this section. As people register, I will be checking to see if they are actually members of MVWS and if they are, I will grant them access to this section. There is currently nothing in this section yet, but there may be some day!

If you didn't have to enter your city and state when you originally registered, please click on the 'My Details' link under the user menu and update your profile to include at least your city and state. If you also add your street address, then that will make the GeoMap that much more accurate. Once you update your profile with your address, you should eventually show up on the GeoMap.

And while you are updating your profile, I have added a biography section where you can tell everyone a little about yourself! Other registered users can click on the 'User List' link under the User Menu to browse through our registered users and view your profile to read your biography.

Hope everyone is enjoying the site and forums!

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